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My main area of interest is the Seiko Bell matic, this blog shows the ones that i have collected, or "restored" for myself and others and watches i have for sale or trade.

I am always on the look out for Bell-matic parts/spares every thing from bracelet parts to complete watches to complete restorations now and in the future, if you have any thing for sale or trade please contact me.

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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

4006-6027 for repair.

This 6027 had been sent to me by its owner for repair as at some time it must of had a good bump to break the dial feet, this does seem to be a common fault with the Bell matic i have now repaired/replaced dial feet on over 20 dials and it is not model specific, all models can suffer with the problem. Another problem that can occur due to the feet breaking is that it can put strain on the day date driving wheel causing the driving pin to bend or break rendering it useless as far as day and date changing. Apart from the above problems it just needed a replacement crystal and refurb to the blue outer bezel and a general clean up.

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