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My collection of Seiko watches that i collect or have collected and the ones i still desire !!

My main area of interest is the Seiko Bell matic, this blog shows the ones that i have collected, or "restored" for myself and others and watches i have for sale or trade.

I am always on the look out for Bell-matic parts/spares every thing from bracelet parts to complete watches to complete restorations now and in the future, if you have any thing for sale or trade please contact me.

For a great collection of photographs and information on the Seiko Bell-matic visit a great resource.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Movement case spring 81330061

The case spring is one part that as long been obsolete and many Bell matics have lost theres over the years due to corrosion etc, i have in the past bought scrappers just in the hope of finding a usable case spring. Well now the problem as been solved by a collector in the UK who has produced a almost 100% replica from stainless steel so no more corroding away and no more having to make due with pieces of wire etc, well done. I have had two samples and if i hadent known they were new i would have thought they were the originals.
Below is a original one and the "new" one (3).
Email for springs is Dave y.n.burrell (at)

Monday, 8 June 2009

For sale 4006-6089

Dating from July 1977 this all stainless 6089 with the sought after blue dial is in superb condition, all original and all functions working perfect (complete with case spring), original bracelet with a replacement Seiko clasp.


Monday, 11 May 2009

Only two modifications to 4006A

I believe that during the 12 year production run of Bell-matics there was only two modifications made to the movement;
  1. The alarm spring was shortened after about the first year of production.
  2. The dial had a solid spacer fixed to the back and this was changed to a separate plastic spacer later in the production run (about 1975 ?), i think that this was possible due to a design error in the first instance as you come across so many dials with the solid spacer were the feet have broken off.

Black, Brown and Blue

The three different colors available on the 6020, 6021 and 6027 cushion case bell-matic bezel also a "Proof" version and 27 as well as 17 jewels.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


A really nice solid stainless white dialed version of the 6031 on the original president style bracelet, these bracelets are in my opinion one of the best that the Bell matic came on. This one is from January 1972 all original running fine and the only down side is the fact that the dial has some damage to it, i have two of the white dialed versions and both have damage to the dial, still looking for that "mint" dial. These case styles are commonly know as "cushion" case and are a nice size to wear and have a good presence on the wrist, another of my favorite styles.

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