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My collection of Seiko watches that i collect or have collected and the ones i still desire !!

My main area of interest is the Seiko Bell matic, this blog shows the ones that i have collected, or "restored" for myself and others and watches i have for sale or trade.

I am always on the look out for Bell-matic parts/spares every thing from bracelet parts to complete watches to complete restorations now and in the future, if you have any thing for sale or trade please contact me.

For a great collection of photographs and information on the Seiko Bell-matic visit a great resource.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Different styles of Bell-matic case backs.

Two case backs, the first a early "Proof" example with what looks to be a machined inside and the later example appears to be a stamping. Perhaps for speeding up production and for cutting costs.

Four different style of case back with changes to the text and layout.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Bell-matic Jewel count.

The Bell-matic comes with three different jewel counts, the most common by a long way is the 17 Jewel followed by the less common 27 Jewel and finally the much rarer 21 jewel models.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

6 digit and 7 digit serial numbers.

The early Bell-matic's 1966, 1967 and some examples at the beginning of 1968 have 7 digit serial numbers. The first two digits being Year and Month.

From late 1967 (early 1968) to the end of Bell-matic production Seiko only ever stamped a 6 digit serial number.

Due to the relatively short period between late 1966 and early 1968 this makes the 7 digit serial number rarer to find.
4006-7000 produced May 1967

Dating a Bell-matic.

Dating a Bell-matic is straight forward and done using the serial number stamped on the back plate, Bell-matics were produced from as early as 1966 through to 1977.
  • Waterproof stamped on the back #956789, the first digit "9" is the year which in this case is 1969 because the "proof" mark was only used until June 1970 (approx), the second digit "5" is the month, so May, the last four digits are the number of watches produced in that month.
  • Water resistant stamped on the back #7D6789, so "7" is 1977 because we know water resistant dident show until after June 1970, "D" is the month, in this case December and the four digits again is the number produced in that month.
  • Year digit 1 to 9 is January to September the O is October, N is November and D is December.

Cushion case 4006-6027 for sale.

A nice all original 6027 from June 1971 (bracelet is from a later Seiko).


Waterproof and water resistant.

The early Bell-matics as with all early Seiko's would have "Waterproof" stamped or engraved on the case back and printed on the dials of divers etc, this was changed to "water resistant" in about June 1970 and there was also a period during the change when "water resist" was also used. As with most things Seiko changed there is never a definitive date for changes as there always seems to be exceptions to the "known" rule, as i myself have a 6001 with a "proof" back dated October 1970 but the rules are in general correct.

The 4006-6001

This is one of my favorites, the large case on these are also referred to as the "UFO" case. Typical 70s styling with a nice presence on your wrist when worn and also one of the less common of the Bell-matic series and like the greatest majority of Bell-matics it has the 4006 movement.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Seiko 6039-7049 diver.

The 6039 is one of the most popular of the Seiko divers and quite easy to find in good condition for a reasonable price. It is of solid stainless steel and quite a heavy watch sitting really comfortable on the wrist and looking good. Also very popular because of the many after market parts that can be used to make it look as new "original" or to mod with different dials, chapter rings and bezels. My example is a 6309 with a after market 6105 dial and hand set (another VERY popular Seiko diver and much sought after by Seiko collectors) and a solid Watcherdoo stainless bracelet.

Three 4006-6027 Bell-matics

These are the very popular "cushion" cased Bell-matics, i had been looking for a nice example of one of these and ended up collecting three in January of 2009.

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