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My main area of interest is the Seiko Bell matic, this blog shows the ones that i have collected, or "restored" for myself and others and watches i have for sale or trade.

I am always on the look out for Bell-matic parts/spares every thing from bracelet parts to complete watches to complete restorations now and in the future, if you have any thing for sale or trade please contact me.

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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Waterproof and water resistant.

The early Bell-matics as with all early Seiko's would have "Waterproof" stamped or engraved on the case back and printed on the dials of divers etc, this was changed to "water resistant" in about June 1970 and there was also a period during the change when "water resist" was also used. As with most things Seiko changed there is never a definitive date for changes as there always seems to be exceptions to the "known" rule, as i myself have a 6001 with a "proof" back dated October 1970 but the rules are in general correct.

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